Chompers Bass Player Elie Herzog

Elijah Herzog

At 6’00” on bass guitar, we have the low end legislator himself, Elijah Herzog. Haling from the dirty depths of Durham, North Carolina, Elijah has shown up with the clear intention of laying down the funk. He’s been slapping basses since he was a baby.

Chompers Guitar Player Dennis Veazey

Dennis Veazey

Coming in at 6’0″, Dennis is no laughing matter. He hails from the magical land of Durham, NC. He initially learned to play the guitar with his feet, due to being born without any fingers. But through the modern miracles of science, he has overcome all odds and now plays like a normal son.

Chompers Drummer Jeremy Deitz

Jeremy Deitz

A 6′-2” Hard Hitter from Bethel, NY Jeremy smashes it out of the park. Rhythms and styles that round the bases keep him in shape and ready for the next season.

Chompers Keyboard Player Alec Rankin

Alexander Rankin

A 5′-11” Powerhouse from Philadelphia PA. Alec comes to bring the heat every night. He plays the Keyboards for the band and his dexterity is off the charts. Watch out for this switch hitter, MAJIK AL as he fields the groove.